what are the advantages
of aluminum?

Why choose aluminum for exterior elements?

The material of choice in recent years, aluminum is making its way into our exteriors. Gates, fences, wicket doors, you name it!
In addition to its modern designs, aluminum offers a number of advantages that make it one of the most effective materials for outdoor elements.

Aluminium, a durable and resistant material

One of the main advantages of aluminum is its high resistance to weathering and corrosion: its anti-corrosive properties make it impervious to rust, and it stands up better to the elements than most materials. It does not warp with use, nor under the effect of temperature variations.

Minimum maintenance

Aluminum is a very low-maintenance material. Unlike wood, which needs to be sanded, treated and stained, or steel, which requires anti-rust treatment, all aluminum needs is a soft cloth and a little water. Washing with clear water twice a year is all that's needed to maintain it and ensure its longevity.

Aluminium, a lightweight material

Aluminum is much lighter than wood, iron or steel, which are frequently used for exterior elements. An aluminum gate will be lighter and therefore easier to handle than a more traditional gate. It's also easier to automate, as the motor needs less power to operate the opening system.

Aluminium, an environmentally-friendly material

Aluminium is an ecological material! It is infinitely recyclable, even with the treatments and pigments applied to it.

Although often more expensive than most materials used for the same purpose, aluminum offers many advantages that make it an attractive long-term investment. Sturdy and lightweight, it doesn't fade over time and requires almost no maintenance. It allows very modern designs and meets today's environmental challenges.

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