what are the advantages
of aluminum?

Why choose aluminum for exterior elements

The favorite material of the last few years, aluminum is invading our exteriors. Gates, fences, gates, everything goes through it!
Because in addition to the very modern designs that it allows, aluminum has many advantages that make it one of the most efficient materials for outdoor elements.

Aluminum, a durable and resistant material

One of the main advantages of aluminum is its high resistance to weathering and corrosion: it is not susceptible to rust thanks to its anti-corrosive properties, and it stands up better to time and weather than most materials. It does not deform when used, nor under the effect of temperature variations.

Minimum maintenance

Aluminum is a material that requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood, which needs to be sanded, treated and stained, or steel, which requires an anti-rust treatment, aluminum only needs a soft cloth and a little water. A wash with clear water twice a year is enough for its maintenance and ensures its durability.

Aluminum, a light material

Aluminum is much lighter than wood, iron or steel, which are frequently used for outdoor elements. An aluminum gate will be less heavy and therefore more manageable than a more traditional gate. It is also less constraining to automate because the motor needs less power to operate the opening system.

Aluminum, an ecological material

Aluminum is an ecological material! It is infinitely recyclable, even with the treatments and pigments applied to it.

Although often more expensive than most materials for the same purpose, aluminum still has many advantages that make it a worthwhile investment over the long term. Strong and light, it does not alter over time and requires almost no maintenance. It allows for very modern designs and meets today's environmental challenges.

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