measures between pillars

How to check the dimensions between pillars to install your gate or wicket?

1) I check my width between pillars


Using a tape measure, measure the width between pillars at 3 different points (top, bottom and middle of your pillars). 

Keep only the smallest of the three measurements. 

2) I check the height


Measure the height of your pillars. Plan to leave a minimum clearance of 100 mm between the bottom of the pillar cap and the top of your gate (or wicket). 

In the case of a sliding gate


If you wish to install a sliding gate, you will also have to take into account the lateral clearance required to open your gate. This is what is called the backfill. 

This offset must be at least equal to the width between pillars + 400mm for a Packit sliding gate. For more security, you can provide an additional margin of about ten centimeters. 

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