packit values

Greater autonomy

At Packit, we want you to be able to experience our products on your own in order to save some money: with the help of our documentation, choose your gate, assemble it, install it yourself and save the cost of labor.

Quality = Economy

At Packit, we aim for excellence in quality / price. Convinced that "quality" does not rhyme with "expensive", we offer quality articles, tips and tricks to make substantial savings!

Ingenuity and innovation

Since we do not make custom-made products, we offer products that can be adapted to different situations. We are constantly working to improve our range to meet your requirements.

Honesty and transparency

Because your trust is earned, we make sure to provide you with fair, honest and transparent information. No marketing tricks at Packit!

Maintaining our responsible requirement

All our products are 100% French (made and sold in France). We chose to work with aluminum because it is a durable, quality product, and 100% recyclable. A good point for the environment!

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